Why should a fleet be washed often?

An Expert Washing A Truck

When was the last time you scheduled a professional washing appointment for your fleet? If your fleet is often on the road, especially for long periods, and you haven’t got it washed for more than two weeks, then you got all the more reason for not skipping this blog. 

A commercial fleet vehicle reflects your business, and a dirty or ill-maintained vehicle might be taken as a sign of disrespect towards one’s investment and nonchalance. When it comes to showing care for your property, regular washing and detailing are of utmost importance for better performance, increased brand value and prolonged life of the expensive asset. 

The biggest reason to get your fleet washed often is that poor maintenance reflects badly on your business ethics and those of your drivers.  Regular commercial washing gives an impression that you care and ensures that your drivers have the incentive of comfort and confidence to drive around in squeaky clean vehicles. 

Let’s not forget that your commercial vehicles also bear and showcase the name and logo of your company. If used correctly they can prove to be your best mobile advertisement source. Letting it get coated in street grime and dirt prevents it from immediately catching the eye of potential customers. Try your hand at creating a great first impression simply by keeping your service trucks shiny and spotless. If you find it hard to keep track of cleaning schedules, you can always sign up for programs that remind you, or you can even take the entire fleet for washing at the same time to save yourself the hassle and effectively monitor your expenses. Your service vehicles are expensive and need to be handled and maintained accordingly to extend their life and utility. When you have a fixed cleaning and detailing schedule for your fleet vehicles, you feel ensured that the machinery employed in the business is well-preserved and its life prolonged. With a wax treatment, you get to retain the vibrance of the paint job. 

So if you want to keep your vehicles looking clean and shiny for a long time, it’s best to invest in a reliable cleaning company because they need more than mere surface-level treatment. 

When you run a fleet, its maintenance is far more than just cleaning and aesthetics. Fleet detailing covers both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Exterior detailing involves taking care of the part of the truck, such as tires, wheels and windows. It also includes degreasing and revitalizing visible components such as the paint job. Interior detailing deals with deep cleaning every single part of the inside of the truck consisting of plastics, vinyl, carbon fibre and natural fibre parts,  besides vacuuming. This step involves special techniques and materials to preserve all kinds of surfaces.  Detailing is especially important if the fleet is employed in areas near the sea or the ones having extended periods of cold with snowfall. 

A clean vehicle is also an asset from a safety point of view. Washing a fleet frequently helps remove any build-up that hides maintenance issues before they cause a major setback. It’s a lot easier to notice any breakdowns or cracks in the mechanism when it’s not covered in layers of gunk and grime and it allows possible hazards to be fixed before they can cause any real damage. There are also rules and regulations in place to monitor techniques used for fleet washing and detailing. This is to ward off any harmful effect that may result from toxic runoff from chemical and oil gunk build-up. So it is more viable to consult cleaning professionals to monitor current licensing and regulations related to water runoff when washing fleet vehicles. 

If by now, you are considering Commercial Truck Wash as a part of your fleet maintenance regime you can choose to get it done at the convenience of your location or the local shop location under Coastline Property Service’s expert supervision. The idea of pressure washing your fleet may induce some hesitance over the possible damage to the paint job. But rest assured, with our team of skilled professionals, you are guaranteed top-notch, fully insured service. 

Verified by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, our company takes pride in being environmentally cautious by only using eco-friendly detergents and adhering to a well-planned water-reclamation system. We strictly work in sync with the Municipal By-Laws, so you do not have to stress over the adherence to the cleaning regulations. 

Are your trucks and vans constantly in service? You can still reap the benefits of our quality cleaning services because we offer flexible scheduling and weekend services according to the convenience of your routine. You get to choose from the wide array of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service packages at the lowest possible prices. What’s more, we are offering volume discounts for larger fleets. 

Salt and sand from the road will eat away at your vehicle. To maintain its integrity, it should be the top priority in your maintenance schedule to address this as a trucking company. So if road film removal, improving brand and image, having satisfied drivers, lowering overall maintenance, increased safety and stress and hassle-free experience are the standards you look for in a cleaning company, then it’s about time you check it off your list.

Think Pressure Washing Comox, think Coastline Property Service. No matter the size of your fleet vehicle, maintaining them instills confidence in customers and motivation in service providers of your company. We not only guarantee extended life for your service trucks but also add value to their market price. It is the best investment you can make to ensure a tenfold ROI in the long-running life of your business. 

Bestow on your company the pristine and impeccable image of your trucks and brand with our best-in-class services. For all your fleet washing needs and more, visit our website and contact us today to request a custom quote. 

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