Which Search Engine Marketing Method Is Better For Your Business, SEO or PPC?


It is a very common disconcert among people when choosing between SEO or PPC. In this blog, you will learn about both SEO and PPC, and their advantages as well as disadvantages. I will help you narrow down your choices by covering the concepts of both techniques. First of all, let us understand:

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process that involves optimization of a website through on-page and off-page techniques. SEO helps in improving the visibility of your site through relevant searches.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. You might have heard of Google Ads(a search engine advertising). In the PPC business model, you pay for clicks to your website. 

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SEO caters to organic traffic and organic traffic stays for a long whereas it is not the same with PPC.

Your consistent search engine operations will pay off one day. The traffic will continue to flow without even putting more effort into it. But it is not the same in the case of PPC, here, the traffic flow is proportional to the paid efforts you put into it. Once you stop your efforts, the traffic will eventually take a halt.

SEO offers improved credibility.

The majority of people trust organic results more than a paid advertisements. Because paid ads will show up on top for a short period whereas SEO-driven results own a distant future. This results in distinguished credibility.

PPC is costly as compared to the long-term SEO

It’s pretty simple! Suppose, your page gets N number of traffic every month through Off-page SEO. But now imagine by yourself, how much would it cost you to draw the same traffic through Pay Per click. It would cost you many times more than the long-term Search Engine Optimization process. Because the cost per click depends upon the keywords you are bidding on. It could cost a dollar too many dollars per click.

Pay Per Click means you need money to make money. And money spent on Ads does promise traffic but doesn’t promise conversions or sales. PPC Ad money could get wasted if a visitor(not even a potential customer) clicks on your campaign. It could be possible you might lose more than you earn for the first few months.

PPC is fast. SEO isn’t.

SEO holds a drawback here, it takes time whereas PPC is the fastest option. SEO could take weeks, months, or years wherein in PPC, you can run an ad campaign in no time. You are the master of your campaign, You decide its running period, Only you decide its budget as well!

PPC is quick experimentation. It also supports fast feedback. Where SEO is the longest window to make an impact. SEO could be a long race, but it’s worth running it for the long haul.

What other factors can demean SEO?

SEO could be tough for those getting started in E-businesses. Because the keywords they are planning to target are already ruled by big companies such as Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc. Poorly established strategy can hurt your website’s visibility, quality, and credibility. Thus, you have to get advice from a good and wise SEO specialist in Toronto. Now as you have carefully understood the advantages and disadvantages of both SEO and PPC. Let us concentrate on which one would be better for your business. And for that, you have to check some of the following realms:

What are your marketing goals?

Now, you get to decide your marketing goals. Would you prefer immediate results over an organic business in the long run? If not, go for organic SEO, this would be the best option if you want to get established within the next five years.

Who is your competition?

It is necessary to analyze your competitors in the market and how you rank against them in the market. If you are a small business, your competition must match your level. Do not compete with big companies like eBay, Amazon, etc.

What’s your budget?

Your budget will help you decide your choice of digital marketing strategy. If you want to spend more, PPC would be the best fit for you. It will give you the best results. You will be able to compete via another PPC campaign.

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