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Logo of meta threads

Meta has lifted the lid on its new ‘text-based conversation’ app Threads and it looks rather a lot like Twitter — by design.

BY JONATHAN CHADWICK FOR MAILONLINE Threads – which is an extension of the Instagram app – lets users share text posts up to 500 characters in length, as well as links, photos, and five-minute videos.  Its release – which was scheduled for later this year – is believed to have expedited to capitalize on the chaos at Twitter...

iPhone screen repair


You will drop your phone at some point, no matter how careful, and it could cause damage to the screen. A broken screen won’t affect the phone’s functionality in most cases. However, the damage to the screen can cause it to become unusable. It is better to repair the screen and keep the existing phone...

Digital marketing for startups

Importance of Digital Marketing for a New Start-Up

What exactly is the importance of 94%? Well, it is the global percentage of people who have access to the internet. Statistics suggest that online interactive marketing is omnipresent. More often than not, a consumer will turn to the internet when looking for a product or service.  The advent of modern technology has revolutionized the...

Influencers Marketing

How Influencers Marketing Can Help Your Business

Influencer marketing has seen unprecedented growth in recent times. The strategy that was once considered a fad is now a major part of digital marketing. Replicating word-of-mouth via social media makes perfect sense, even though it is still the most effective marketing strategy. It is animportant part of search engine optimization Toronto’s strategy. The best...

Digital marketing

Learn How To Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It is evident that consumers are now more prevalent than ever. The ever-present smartphone allows consumers to be anywhere at the same time, with more Americans owning one than 77%. There are many ways that consumers can interact with brands online, including through social media platforms, apps and websites. This means that digital marketers have more opportunities to interact with...

iFix mobile shop inside view

How Can You Find A Right Cell Phone Repair Shop in Toronto

Today, our smartphones have become our favourite gadgets. It never feels good on seeing our expensive smartphones falling right in front of us. Also, it is rare that a fallen phone catches no damage. Either its screen breaks, audio catches some problems or camera dysfunctioning, etc.  Hard to Digest but,OK! We had our phone broken!...

SEO Techniques

SEO tactics to Increase Traffic

Inbound marketing strategies should include search engine optimization. Recent research has shown that nearly two-thirds (32%) of marketers are actively working on SEO to reach their target audiences. It is not surprising that organic search drives over half of all website traffic. SEO Brampton can make a huge difference for your business if done correctly. SEO...