Imprint Publication Board Meeting 2018-05-24

Imprint Publications

Board of Directors

Thursday, 2018-05-24 at 5PM

Imprint Publications


Chair Verity Martin
Secretary Joe Giuffre
Attendees Andres Fuentes Martinez, Verity Martin, Joe Giuffre, Lucas Dunlop, Ben Paul, Nikhar Dhingra
Expected Absences Jacky Brule

Open Session


Approval of the Agenda (Chair Martin)

Motion: Andres moves to combine annual plans for sake of efficiency.
Seconded. Passes unanimously.

  1. Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the amended agenda for this meeting.

Seconded. Passes unanimously.


Approval of the Minutes (Secretary)

  1. Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the public minutes for 2018-04-04.

Moved by verity. Seconded. Passes unanimously.

Reports & Updates

Board Reports

  1. Officers
    1. Chair
    2. Treasurer
    3. Secretary
  2. Directors
  3. HR Committee (Chair Dunlop)

CEO Report (Director Fuentes)

Brief discussion regarding refunds being less than budgeted, but also considering how to streamline process and its burden on staff.


General Orders

Board Annual Planning (Chair Martin and Director Fuentes)

  1. Discussion: (10 minutes) Which items on the annual plan would everyone like to take responsibility for, what would we like to prioritize as a board, etc
  2. Discussion: (10 minutes) Review of annual plans submitted by staff

Analysis focusing on strategic plan and what priorities stand out as desirable to each board member. Each point bulleted as to what staff will take on as opposed to more board intensive focus. Distribution to diverse locations noted as ongoing for locations primarily outside of campus as a means for growth. Campus market noted as somewhat saturated as opposed to external locations.

Looking at volunteer engagement, this is the area of focus that has the most opportunity for direct board assistance.

Governance and structure has primarily been in development from the CEO. Organizational chart drafting renewed, as will be an examination at review of Executive editor job descriptions.

Communication has ongoing relevance, as initiatives have continued. Board engagement with volunteers needs to be more important as encouraging contact and outreach as necessary. Board presence at volunteer events shown as a possibility, dropping by office sporadically and as possible, open consulting with volunteers all easily accessible. Chair will lead communications as head of board. Open communication at meetup events on an annual or termly basis preferred immensely.

Imprint itself will renew focus on comprehensive and investigative community or sports as easily achievable fields of cover. Long-form will follow infrastructure build.

Verity moves to create ad-hoc committee regarding branding. Verity, Andres and Nikhar will be members. Seconded by Joe. Passes unanimously.

Verity Moves to approve staff annual plan. Lucas seconds. Passes unanimously.

Verity Moves to pass board annual plan. Lucas seconds. Passes unanimously.

Review of Imprint Policies and Procedures (Chair Martin)

  1. Discussion: (10 minutes) Should conduct a review of Policies and Procedures to make sure they are reflecting Imprint’s expanded operations (new publications). Do we want to create seperate policies for each publication? Staff policies vs volunteer policies?

Division of policy, particularly on a publication basis is of note. Questions raised regarding policy language and where things will need to differ. Verity proposes formation of committee to review policy. Andres proposes instead leading more directly on his own as CEO. Lack of difficulty noted particularly as a directive for including other board members. Committee to review policies and necessity, including Andres, Joe, and Ben to be created. Moved by Verity. Seconded by Lucas. Passed unanimously.

HR Policies (Director Fuentes)

  1. Discussion: (5 minutes) New HR policies for review.

Vacation policy discussed. Scope, permanence, etc on changes outlined as they will be refined by HR committee.

Verity Moves to approve policies. Seconded. Passes unanimously.


Closed Session

General Orders

Entering Closed Session (Chair Martin)

  1. Motion: Resolved, the board moves into Camera.

Motioned by  Verity. Seconded. Passes Unanimously.

Approval of the Minutes (Secretary)

  1. Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the confidential minutes for 2018-04-04.

Motioned by verity. Seconded. Passes unanimously.


Motion to exit closed session. Seconds. Passes unanimously.

New Business

  1. As Required.


No new business.

Motion to adjourn meeting. Seconded. Passes Unanimously.Adjourned at 6:23 pm.