Imprint Publications Board Meetings 2017-10-18

Imprint Publications
Board of Directors
Wednesday, 2017-10-18 at 6:00PM
Imprint Publications

Andres Agustin Fuentes Martinez
Joe Giuffre
Tristan Potter, Andres Agustin Fuentes Martinez, Ramona Leitao, Nathan Tierney, Ann Marie Shackelford, Laurie Tigert-Dumas, Paula de Villavicencio
Expected Absences
Rameesha Qazi
Open Session
Approval of the Agenda (Chair Fuentes)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the agenda for this meeting.
Approval of the Minutes (Secretary)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the public minutes for 2017-09-20.
Reports & Updates
Board Reports
Reports- Retraction request, upon referral with a Lawyer, will not be granted. Review of the upcoming policy for future Retraction Request included in the EE Report.
Most issues (none of note) addressed in the Finance Committee Report.
August meeting Minutes to be forwarded to Ads Manager.
Finance Committee
HR Committee
Ramona is now Chair of HR meeting, review of upcoming new policy on part-time staff.
Strategic Plan Committee
No Updates
Staff Reports
Executive Editor
Review of Above Lawyer Refferal for the retraction request.
Advertising and Production Manager
Reviewing Quetzal Budget, advertising and potential control of Quetzal editing board on Advertising revenue. New push for Quetzal and other new publications, specification on ad sizes requested, brought back down to ¼ page.
“Sales force going well”
Finance Manager
Remarks in emailed report noted, especially related to ‘budget’ to be prepared next year. Additionally, new initiative to be passed along from board to finance with the goal of calculating the per-paper cost of running Imprint.
General Orders
CEO Job Description (HR Committee)
Motion: BIRT that Board approve the CEO Job Description.
Minimal concerns raised, but those notable include the term length or permanence of the position.
Among concerns was involved remuneration of the proposed CEO position, potential conflict of interest with their voting seat. Bylaw change proposed to clarify that a voting seat on the board can not be compensated for their position on the board but can be paid for their other duties.
Legal consultation will occur before bylaws formally changed.
Proposed by Chair Fuentes. Seconded. Passes Unanimously.
New Board Member (Chair Fuentes)
Motion: BIRT that Board appoint Verity Martin to Board as an advisory member.
Moved by Paula. Seconded. Passes Unanimously.
New Business
Retraction Policy proposed, to undergo editing before being seen again by board, scheduled for next meeting. Reviewed preliminarily by board. Advised by board consensus that instead of enacting a new policy, amendment to Policy 15 is more efficient and better route. Exec. Editor Reviewing.
Closed Session
General Orders
Entering Closed Session (Chair Fuentes)
Motion: Resolved, the board moves into Camera.
Approval of the Minutes (Secretary)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the confidential minutes for 2017-09-20.
HR Updates (HR Chair)
New Business
As Required.

Agenda exhausted, Meeting adjourned 7:30 Pm.