Imprint Publications Board Meeting 2017-12-06

Imprint Publications
Board of Directors
Wednesday, 2017-12-06 at 6:00PM
Imprint Publications

Andres Agustin Fuentes Martinez
Tristan Potter
Rameesha Qazi, Tristan Potter, Andres Agustin Fuentes Martinez, Verity Martin
Expected Absences
Paula de Villavicencio, Ramona Leitao, Joe Giuffre
Open Session
Approval of the Agenda (Chair Fuentes)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the agenda for this meeting.
Moved by Verity, seconded by Tristan.

Seeing no opposition, carries unanimously.
Approval of the Minutes (Secretary)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the public minutes for 2017-11-15.
Andres moves to table the minutes, Verity seconds.

No objections, carries unanimously.
Reports & Updates
Board Reports

Mainly hiring, Ramona sent out an update over the weekend. There is a discussion scheduled for later in the meeting.

Office staffing has been difficult due to the lack of full and part time staff, and the lack of keys around the office. Part time staff can cover the mornings when the highschool coop student is scheduled to be in the office, but Nathan normally comes in the afternoon. Inner office for Executive Editor and spare office will be left open. Currently trying to find a solution for Nathan to come in.


Minimum wage increases will be factored into budget.

Nathan is looking into some invoices that we may have not received.

Current actuals show we are fiscally safe, but the drastic differences between budget to actuals means we should re-evaluate how we budget moving forward.

Advertising revenue is down.



Finance Committee

See Treasurer.

HR Committee

Updates on EE, will be discussed later in the meeting.

Strategic Plan Committee

Skeptical of it being completed for the AGM.
Staff Reports
Advertising and Production Manager


Finance Manager

No official updates.
General Orders
CEO Hiring Committee (Martin)
Discussion: CEO Hiring update and related motions.

Contract has been negotiated and sent out. Current start date is the 18th of December. Just needs to be signed and delivered.
EE Hiring Committee (Chair Fuentes)
Discussion: Review of Hiring Committee Recommendation.

There were about 22 candidates. A candidate has been selected.

Directors asked about probationary periods, and thoughts on office environment.
AGM Planning (Chair Fuentes)
Discussion: Date of AGM and any other issues around it.

It was discussed that the audit needed to be approved, and that we needed to set dates for the AGM.
New Business
Andres resigned as Chair.
Appointment of Chair (Director Fuentes)
Motion to elect Verity Martin as Chair of Imprint Publications.
Andres, Rameesha.

Carries, Verity abstained.