Imprint Publications Board Meeting 2017-09-20

Imprint Publications
Board of Directors
Wednesday, 2017-09-20 at 6:00PM
Imprint Publications

Andres Agustin Fuentes Martinez
Joe Giuffre
Rameesha Qazi, Tristan Potter, Andres Agustin Fuentes Martinez, Ramona Leitao, Ann Marie Shackelford, Laurie Tigert-Dumas
Expected Absences
Paula de Villavicencio, Nathan Tierney
Open Session
Called to order at 6:16 pm.
Approval of the Agenda (Chair Fuentes)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the agenda for this meeting.
One Item to add to agenda. Appointment of a new HR Committee member.
Approval of the Minutes (Secretary)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the public minutes for 2017-08-14.
Moved by Secretary Giuffre. Seconded. Passes Unanimously.

Reports & Updates
Board Reports
See HR and Strat plan committee.
See Finance Committee.
Board meetings posted to Imprint Publications Board website, operating procedure streamlined and more easily accessible after consultation with Chair and Operating system advisor. Scheduled ahead of time, we will have meetings scheduled for rest of Fall term by the end of the week.
Finance Committee
Retainers for lawyers updated. Minor changes addressed in finance report.
HR Committee
Little change, but minor changes and updates to HR Committee, Staffing, and addressing Imprint Pub. Priorities. Contracts, etc. for employees both part and full time.
Strategic Plan Committee
Plan being drafted in time for AGM, large capacity required for Fall 2018. New Publication update, related to potential new publication, see below for updates. No Questions.
Staff Reports
Executive Editor
EE report attached. Board member inquired towards ‘potential changes’ to Ed Board. All members on same page. Responses for the readership survey remain low, but EE assures that new social media director will be redoubling efforts.
Advertising and Production Manager
No report submitted, but verbal report as such;
Working with auditor to iron out HR payroll issues, smooth over previous discrepancies. ME contacting Ads Manager with numerous questions but soon to be ironed out. Int. Student advisor fired and reaching out- eagerness to learn and distribution noted; getting familiarized with systems. One employee in ads department but no Volunteer Co-ordinators as of meeting, nor Admin. Sales floors active shortly, will be shared upon receival. Distribution- issues but moving forward.
Finance Manager
General Orders
Review of New Press (Chair Fuentes)
Discussion: Service and quality from our new press contract.
Ads Manager records terrible performance service-wise for first issue with new press, with full reimbursement however. Service upon delivery was exceptional. Printing issues noted , especially relating to bright colours, reds, especially with photos. In order to make genuine complaint, 12 bundles needed, Ads manager will collect for further review.
Staffing Structure (Chair Fuentes)
Discussion: Proposed changes to our P/T staff.
Primary focus, as noted largely from HR committee, job titles and structure noted. Creative Director in future related to multiple publications noted. More structured training programs a possible assistance towards volunteer co-ordinator role. Implementation of a social media/digital position a potential direction to explore, increased capacity of online advertising of particular focus. CEO position proposed. Focuses across all positions, new and existing involve increasing ad revenue, building partnerships, strat plan. CEO focused on these and implementing them on a day-to-day basis. Building multi-pub framework also priority.
CEO position ideally one-to-two years. Temporary employee preferred to another full-time but increasing complexity of coming tasks and challenges for Imprint Publications noted as a particular reason.
Treasurer suggests CEO as permanent position, but not full-time. Adding volunteer recruitment to this job suggested. Board member, preferably one with scheduled longevity in the area a priority.
Chair responds with allowing for position to be run on trial basis for first contract and it will be evaluated upon assignment.
Staff financing noted as particularly of note considering previous challenges to Imprint reliance upon student fees. With a current ‘safety-net’ of time due to positive relations with various organizations, shoring up security is a priority.
Number one priority is increasing value of Imprint publications in student thought. Also noted as important is strengthening University relations.
CEO draft job description circulated, and job outline requested.
Chair moves to motion task HR Committee with job description and other supporting documentation for part-time CEO position to be distributed to Board before 29 September.
Treasurer seconds. Passes unanimously.
New Publication (Chair Fuentes)
Discussion: Student proposal for a business and technology magazine.
Several accounting students have approached Imprint related to the potential creation and publication of potential Business Magazine (in spirit and model of Harvard Review). Online only to begin noted, students informed of requirements before launch can be scheduled.
Secretary noted that a list of potential volunteers, premiere features would be important prior to launch would be important.
In preliminary stages, funding and advertising opportunities noted to include potential outreaches to related faculties. Online launch limited in terms of cost, Director Qazi noted that Quetzal publication launch was very minimal in terms of cost. Food for launch celebration, printing, web hosting totalled less than $100 including launch party.
Only noted concern from a Board member is volunteer engagement towards new publication, reluctance to ‘recycle’ volunteers, splitting the time of existing volunteers.
Appointment of Human Resource Committee Member (Chair Fuentes)
Motion: Board accept the resignation of Tristan Potter from the Human Resources Committee of Imprint Publications.
Secretary moves to accept. Chair seconds. Passes unanimously.
New Business

Closed Session
General Orders
Entering Closed Session (Chair Fuentes)
Motion: Resolved, the board moves into Camera.
Moved. Seconded. Passes Unanimously.
Approval of the Minutes (Secretary)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the confidential minutes for 2017-08-14.
Moved. Seconded. Passes unanimously.
HR Updates (HR Chair Potter)
New Business
As Required.
7:52 pm.