Job Posting – Executive Editor

Executive Editor

Primary Purpose

The Executive Editor plans and executes the strategic editorial direction of Imprint Publications. They provide leadership and guidance to Imprint Publications’ volunteers on matters of research, style, story development, and content creation. The Executive Editor will provide leadership to all editorial staff and volunteers, and be a primary support resource to the Board of Directors.

Key Accountabilities


  • Execute branding and strategic editorial decisions to advance Imprint Publications’ mission
  • Develop, implement, and manage a comprehensive communications strategy for Imprint Publications, and make recommendations for revisions as required
  • Provide continuity to a student-governed organization, ensuring strategic, operational, and administrative decisions are aligned with the organization’s mission statement and strategic plan
  • Maintain strong working relationships with University administrators, senior campus leaders, and community members
  • Ensure the successful implementation of Imprint’s strategic plan
  • Seek ways to attract new volunteers and readers
  • Pursue opportunities for partnership
  • Researching funding opportunities and writing grant applications


  • Compile editorial and volunteer budgets with the assistance of the Treasurer, and ensure budgetary compliance
  • Mentor, train, and manage editorial staffing and volunteer resources, including regular evaluation, hiring, and dismissal
  • Maintain records of volunteer participation
  • Manage and oversee all print operations
  • Sit as a non-voting advisor to the Board of Directors and keep the Board regularly informed of Imprint Publications’ activities and initiatives
  • Complete special projects as assigned by the Board of Directors
  • Purchase equipment as determined by the Board of Directors
  • Assist other staff in ensuring the proper maintenance of the Imprint office
  • Maintain inventory of office supplies

Editorial Oversight

  • Provide guidance on matters of research, style, story development, and content creation to editorial staff and volunteers
  • Ensure print content is ready for printing deadlines and digital content is ready for publication deadlines
  • Ensure required advertising is in all publications
  • Veto editorial content that is illegal or contravenes Imprint’s policies or its journalistic standards
  • Ensure compliance with Canadian laws relating to publishing a newspaper
  • Ensure the quality of all editorial products meet standards
  • Review the paper prior to publication

Level of Responsibility

  • Requires a deep understanding of the issues and events on the University of Waterloo campus and the ability to interpret these events into relevant news stories.
  • Coordinates volunteers in the production of news and provides guidance on matters of research, style, story development, and content creation.
  • Executes branding and strategic editorial decisions to advance Imprint Publications’ mission.
  • Remains current on the trends of communicating with students and best practices in communication strategies for online and print publications.

Decision-Making Authority

  • Responsible for meeting critical strategic milestones and editorial deadlines.
  • This position will independently make decisions on strategic editorial content for Imprint Publications.
  • This position will be accountable for the delivery of Imprint’s printed and online publications.



Degree in communications, journalism, business, or related field, or relevant experience. Additional training in strategic planning, operational management, human resources management, conflict management, and organizational communication is an asset.


  • 2-4 years of progressive experience in a management role
  • Superior verbal and written communications skills with the ability to articulate in a clear, concise and compelling manner; excellent editing skills
  • Proven ability in managing multiple-source projects that require attention to accuracy, consistency, and the ability to work with many different people with competing priorities
  • Proven interviewing and researching skills
  • Experience, with proven success and understanding, in media relations
  • Capable of strong diplomatic and critical listening skills as well as superior analytical and reasoning skills
  • Experience working within a post-secondary system
  • Experience working in an environment with high turnover in senior leadership, working within a student organization, and managing student staff or volunteers are all assets


  • Extensive working knowledge of Canadian Press Style
  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, with advanced knowledge of InDesign
  • Proficiency with modern social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Comfortable with both Windows and OS X

Interpersonal Skills

  • Render advice, assistance, and guidance to other employees and volunteer staff members.
  • Interacts with colleagues at all levels across the university and the community to develop trust, rapport, and promote collaboration.
  • Demonstrates leadership and integrity when dealing with all internal and external stakeholders, with the goal of advancing the overall Imprint Publications’ agenda.

Salary commensurate with experience, please submit salary expectations with your cover letter. The application should include a cover letter, resume, and links to social media. Portfolios will be accepted but are not required

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