Imprint Publications Board Meeting 2017-06-06

Imprint Publications
Board of Directors
Tuesday, 2017-06-06 at 5:30PM
Imprint Publications


Andres Agustin Fuentes Martinez
Joe Giuffre
Rameesha Qazi, Tristan Potter, Andres Agustin Fuentes Martinez, Ramona Leitao, Kimberly Newhouse, Ann Marie Shackleford,
Expected Absences
Paula de Villavicencio
Open Session
Approval of the Agenda (Chair Fuentes)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the agenda for this meeting.
Moved by Ramona, second. Unanimous
Approval of the Minutes (Secretary)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the public minutes for 2017-04-12 Organizational meeting.
Moved By Rameesha Qazi, second. Unanimous.
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the public minutes for 2017-04-12.
Moved by Rameesha Qazi. Seconded. Unanimous.
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the public minutes for 2017-05-02.
Moved by Rameesha Qazi. Seconded. Unanimous.
Reports & Updates
Board Reports
No updates, brief outline for meeting ahead. Emphases on building relationships w/ University community, Update on potential scheduled meeting w/ provost- streamline communication channels w/ University
No Updates
No Updates
No updates, with expectations for future updates related to annual plan
Finance Committee
Despite slow-start, treasury/finance department is working towards annual plan
HR Committee
Staff Evaluations/ Meetings are scheduled with full-time staff, in-house Survey result discussion
Strategic Plan Committee
No updates, have yet to meet
Staff Reports
Executive Editor
Annual Plan review/ report sent out. Readership survey continues to be a focus, more direction requested related to layout, plan, intentions. Aligning with Iron Warrior, Mathnews, Feds continued priority. Report attached below
A director inquired as to what ‘partnership’ with other publications means in this context. Exec Editor referred to the ongoing efforts to associate on a publication level with other publications. Another director expressed extreme doubt towards likliehood of Mathnews seeking any kind of partnerships beyond workshop participation. Other directors agreed, referring to recent Mathnews revamps. The board agreed that reaching out to other publications with offers of support is still a priority.
Discussion and clarification requested by a member as to goals of allying with other publications, student and overall campus support increase cited as reason. Relationship building, as opposed to brand value.
When inquiring about plans for online transitioning and priority, annual plans from individual staff members was brought up as a suggestion.
Advertising Manager
Xerox printer and UW Retail services lease expiration brought up. Ads Manager met to inquire about documentation, discovered Imprint Xerox machines are expired. New paperwork and documentation are incoming, to be updated and renewed.
Finance Manager
Broken down costs of FEDS reimbursement as to reno costs still need to be tracked down. A director raised concern about FEDS president stating that FEDS was under impression that IMprint was satisfied with current location. Chair clarified that IMprint and University have been having ongoing conversation as to clear expectations Imprint has about promised space. Chair still confirmed that there would be an official contact as to why there are conflicting reports. Issue to be cleared up and resolved.
General Orders
2018 Printing Contractor (APM)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves Atlantic Web Press as the new printing contractor.
After several board meetings deferring decision to later dates, the board reviewed chart provided by Ads Manager as to rate costs. Samples provided to conduct final review of printing options. Priorities reviewed as stated in previous meeting (no censorship, quality, customer service, cost). Colour, being included in costs with Atlantic Web, seen as a potential benefit in ad sales.
Moved by Tristan Potter. Seconded by Kimberley Newhouse. Board votes unanimously.
Annual Plan (Chair Fuentes)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves Volunteer Engagement, Readership, and Communications as the top priorities for 2017-18.
Chair requested discussion outlining and reviewing strategic plan amongst board before identifying top priorities, five loosely ID’d as listed on annual plan: Readership, financial health, Communication, Volunteer Engagement, Governance and Structure. Online and Social Media focuses inquired about by advisory director, readership and view count tracking being critical. Readership information noted as especially important in terms of collection. Readership survey emphasized, with varying levels of scope.
Priorities to be written into next strategic plan, to be determined for three or five years.
Volunteer participation and retention additionally identified as crucial. Campus-wide issues of volunteering and student engagement noted, so an advisory board member inquired as to countering the culture vs. individuals.
Alumni revisited as potential sources of information or solution generation. Database of alumni in progress and ocmpleted through 2016. Information collected, according to Ads Manager, but no goal yet established as to what to do with it. Board/Imprint Run Alumni Association with Alumni-leaders to minimize time and attention requirements of Ed Board and Board of Directors.

Board Annual Plan Key Performance Indicators (Chair Fuentes)
Discussion: (20 minutes) Assign responsibilities for Board Annual Plan KPI.
Identifying which of the above priorities are meant to be conducted on a board level vs editorial or staff level is initial step.
Readership assessment policy  writing is clearly a board level directive. Chair Fuentes volunteered for the policy, as did Advisor Newhouse.
Additional readership goals are primarily staff based, but Advisor Newhouse noted that they are primarily rooted in the above policy.
In communications, Chair Fuentes took on responsibilities for increasing transparency and communications between board and volunteers.
Director Leitos added Instagram follower count to annual plan list, in raising followers to 500. This, Facebook, and Twitter goals are all staff directives.
Volunteer Engagement
Director Qazi suggested that current orientation policies are healthy, as is workshopping new volunteers on various stations. Chair Fuentes also suggested setting up a formalized policy or documentation for volunteer integration for future editorial generations.
Record keeping for volunteers identified as explicitly staff-based.
Volunteer attraction and attrition- Advisor Newhouse investigating possibilities.
Volunteer Satisfaction engagement and assessments- Director Leitos volunteered.
Development of overall positive positive environment largely an HR committee item for attention.
Governance Structure when related to transitioning from operational-style board taken on by Chair Fuentes.
Implementation of Board Transition plan that informs new members to board on legal, fiduciary, and human resource levels, volunteered for by Director Qazi.
Special projects, as assigned by Chair Fuentes
Proper integration of additional publications split between Chair Fuentes and Director Qazi.
Staff Transitions assigned to HR Comittee.
Relationship building between University, Community, regional, divided between Chair Fuentes and Advisor Newhouse.
P/T Staff Hiring (Chair Fuentes)
Discussion: (10 min)  P/T Staff Hiring Policy.
In review of policy, numeration in sections C and D was suggested by a director to be removed through revision.
Advertisement for position, according to Ads Manager, should not identify an ‘Hours’ expectation, as experience with student hires has hinted at too much of a commitment.
A director noted how complicated the ‘staff’ label can be, given how many different levels of ‘staff’ there are. Revision of general staff policy into a broader ‘staff’ hiring policy as opposed to separate part and full time recommended. Board agrees. Revised policy, hiring, will be sent to board by Chair Fuentes upon completion.
Committee Appointments  (Chair Fuentes)
Discussion: (10 min)
Formation of potential ad-hoc committees revisted as a possibility, Advisor Newhouse and Director Leitos both signed onto strategic plan committee as well as Director Paula, Chair Fuentes and Director Qazi.
Director Qazi moves. Secretary Giuffre seconds. Unanimous.
New Business
As Required.
No updates.
Closed Session
General Orders
Entering Closed Session (Chair Fuentes)
Motion: Resolved, the board moves into Camera.
Approval of the Minutes (Secretary)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the confidential minutes for 2017-05-02.
HR Updates (Chair Fuentes)
New Business
As Required.

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