Imprint Publications Board Meeting 2017-05-02

Imprint Publications
Board of Directors
Tuesday, 2017-05-02 at 6:00PM
Imprint Publications


Andres Agustin Fuentes Martinez
Tristan Potter
Rameesha Qazi, Paula de Villavicencio, Tristan Potter, Andres Agustin Fuentes Martinez, Ramona Leitao,
Expected Absences
Joe Giuffre
Open Session
Preliminaries (Chair Fuentes)
Motion: Resolved, the Board appoints ____________________ as the acting secretary for the meeting.

Moved by Andres Agustin Fuentes Martinez, seconded.

Tristan Potter nominates himself. Seconded. No other nominations.

Carries unanimously.
Approval of the Agenda (Chair Fuentes)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the agenda for this meeting.

Moved by Paula de Villavicencio, seconded. Carries unanimously.
Approval of the Minutes (Secretary)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the public minutes for 2017-04-12.

Motion: To table until next meeting.
Moved by Ramona Leitao, seconded. Carries unanimously.
Reports & Updates
Board Reports
Slowly transitioning all the technology from the previous chair, most of it has been transferred, but there are a couple things that need fixing.
Signing authority to be transferred on Wednesday.
Will connect with previous Directors to determine responsibilities
No updates.
Ramona would like to be on committees. Will be determined later.
Finance Committee
Did not meet.
HR Committee
Policy on part-time staff hiring
Beginning of term meetings for staff
End-of-Year Evaluations
Tristan Potter was appointed as Chair.
Long-range Plan Committee
Did not meet.
Staff Reports
Executive Editor
A Director inquired about the purchase of a laptop for refund use that was approved at the last meeting. Executive Editor just discovered the need for a laptop last Friday, will purchase by end-of-week. Using iMac until portable solution can be acquired.
A Director inquired about the new refund form for the term, will be sorted out before end-of-day.
A Director asked for clarification on what “moving to online” meant in practise. Received some guidance on what that would look like over the next term.
A Director asked about Instagram statistics. The Executive Editor did not know, but will put those numbers in their next report.
Advertising Manager
Received some samples from printers.
Distribution may need to change in the future.
Finance Manager
No updates since last meeting.
General Orders
2018 Spring Printing (Chair Fuentes)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves bi-weekly publishing for spring 2018.

Moved by Ramona Leitao, seconded. Carries unanimously.

The Board is in general in favour of this. Directors expressed concerns with there being more online and thus less need for print papers and a budgetary concern.
1st Production Day of the Term (Director Qazi)
Discussion: (10 minutes) Scheduling of the first production day of each term.

A concern was raised that printing a paper in the first week of school is difficult with students getting back from vacation and getting settled into the school routine, as well as hiring new staff and volunteers.  A Director spoke in favour of having a paper in the first week since it  involves student readers in the first week.
2018 Rate Card Approval (APM)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the 2018-2019 Rate Card as presented.

Moved by Rameesha Qazi, seconded.

It was pointed out that if we were doing this bi-weekly, May 30th should be a print day and June should be adjusted accordingly.

Motion to amend the print days to add May 30th, June 13, June 27 and remove June 6, June 20. Moved by Rameesha Qazi, seconded. Carries unanimously.

Motion carries unanimously.
2018 Printing Contractor (APM)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves __________ as the new printing contractor.

The APM received samples from Atlantic, Maclaren, and Ricter Web. Master Web did not send any samples, Web News will only deliver at 9AM, Metroland is no longer available. APM recommends going with Atlantic in the Fall as a trial.

Board indicated that cost, no censorship, quality, and customer service are top priorities.

APM was asked to investigate Ricter Web further to determine the policies around censorship.
Board Expectations (Chair Fuentes)
Discussion: (15 minutes) How the Board wants to work this year.

The Chair outlined their thoughts on how Board will be running: informal meetings, more discussion outside of meetings, lots of delegation to committees, and Directors are expected to come prepared and keep in mind the best interests of the corporation.
Readership Survey (Chair Fuentes)
Discussion: (15 minutes) What are the goals of the survey.

It was determined that the survey should target the current readership.

Directors expressed many concerns with the current methodology of the survey. Directors would like the survey to be shorter and would like to see more quantifiable questions. A more online focus is also desired (readers of both formats should be able to answer all questions).

Board would also like some demographic information and some questions that relate readers consumption of Imprint to other sources of news media.

Board would like the survey to be posted on Imprint socials,, and in print but not shared past that in order to try and limit respondents to current readers.
Annual Plan (Chair Fuentes)
Discussion: (20 minutes)

The Chair suggests everyone read the Strategic Plan to determine their goals for the year, and come to the next meeting with their objectives and timelines for the year.
New Business
As Required.
Closed Session
General Orders
Entering Closed Session (Chair Fuentes)
Motion: Resolved, the board moves in Camera.
Moved by Paula de Villavicencio, seconded. Carries unanimously.
Approval of the Minutes (Secretary)
Motion: Resolved, the Board approves the confidential minutes for 2017-04-12.
HR Updates (Chair Fuentes)
New Business
As Required.
All business was exhausted, meeting adjourned at 8:15PM.

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