Imprint is Moving

To the uWaterloo community,

Since April 30, 2015 when the Federation of Students terminated Imprint Publications’ lease, Imprint and the Federation of Students have been in negotiations. We have reached a conclusion, which will have Imprint moving into office space in the Student Life Centre basement.

Imprint Publications will be renovating the new space to make it suitable for the needs of our organization. While this renovation completed, Imprint will operate out of a temporary space, MC 2036. Imprint will begin operations in this temporary space on February 22, 2016 until renovations are complete in the new office.

While there may be challenges associated with operations in temporary space, Imprint Publications will continue to faithfully serve students and hold all relevant organizations accountable to the student body. We look forward to the ways in which Imprint will continue to grow and thrive as we adapt to these changing circumstances.

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Imprint Publications Board of Directors.

2 thoughts on “Imprint is Moving

  • Could they really find no other space on campus? The math faculty has the least amount of student space per students, we only have three buildings, M3 which is mainly offices, DC which is half taken over by science and engineering, and then MC, which could really be better used to help students with more student space than it currently provides.

    We already have a whole bunch of non math classes conveniently in MC, while at the same time have our own classes all over the place on campus. This is really irritating, and I hope someone writes about this in mathNEWS.

    • Hey Dean, the move to MC is just temporary and should only last until the end of this term, while renovations are occurring to our new permanent space in SLC

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